› Personnel recruitment

Finding a motivated employee with the right set of skills and education is always a demanding task, where the needs and wishes of the employer must be balanced with the employee’s expectations regarding pay and other work-related matters. Alen Consulting has been a part of our client companies’ recruitment processes since 1993. Our personnel recruitment process is conducted with the utmost professionalism, and the needs and wishes of our client are kept strongly in mind through every part of the process.

During the first phase of our recruitment process, we draft an appropriate job advertisement together with our client detailing the necessary criteria the new employee must meet. We then inspect every application we receive individually and with great care. From among these applicants, we select the most promising candidates for interview. Based on these interviews, our professional staffing consultants make their recommendations to the client company.

If our client so wishes, we can also conduct aptitude evaluations on the prospective candidates. Our client often accompanies us in the final interviews. Alen Consulting keeps everyone involved in the recruitment well informed throughout the process, including the applicants who are not chosen.

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› Headhunting

Instead of public job advertisements, we can also search promising candidates directly through our network of contacts. If our client is looking for strong expertise in particular fields, headhunting often proves the most effective way of finding the best candidates.

Headhunting is a dynamic recruitment process with many moving pieces, but it is often very convenient to both the company and the applicant. Contact us for more information!

› Temporary staffing

Temporary employment through Alen Consulting is a flexible solution for both the employer and the employee. For our client company, recruiting temporary staff through Alen Consulting is an excellent, low-risk solution for varying and temporary human resources needs. We take care of the recruitment process on our client’s behalf and take on all employer’s responsibilities for the temporary employees recruited through us.

For employees, temporary employment provides a chance to work in varied work environments to the extent one’s own skills and experience allow. If a temporary employee proves a perfect fit for the job, the company always has the opportunity to take them on as a full-time employee after the temporary employment ends.

Alen Consulting provides motivated, skilled and reliable employees for our clients’ human resources needs. We strive to take good care of all our customers, from our client companies to individual job applicants.

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